4 Tips for Choosing A Silicone Molding Companies

As the advantages of silicone rubber products are seen by more and more people, from daily necessities to high-precision industries such as optical parts, medical equipment, auto parts, etc., all rely on silicone raw materials. Many NR/Black Rubber-based factories and even non-related industries have transformed into this field one after another. The number of silicone rubber factories in the market continues to rise every year. Whether it is a franchise or a dual-purpose nature, customers have more choices. For factories, a fierce competition is inevitable. In this case, for customers who have a need for silicone product development, how to choose the most sophisticated and suitable silicone factory from the vast sea? Before giving the four practical silicone factory identification points, it is necessary to understand silicone Only by knowing the relevant characteristics and manufacturing processes can we accurately choose one out of ten thousand, and find a pleasant manufacturer partner.

What Is Silicone Rubber?

Silicone rubber is a product between synthetic rubber and synthetic plastic polymers. It is recognized as a safe and sustainable representative material due to its excellent non-toxic, environmentally friendly, high transparency, and other characteristics.
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Types and Silicone Rubber Molding Methods?

Solid Silicone(HTV or High Consistency Rubber, HCR)

The appearance is translucent and solidified. It is usually called a raw meal before the mixing process. For example, the hardness and color required by the finished product conditions are all prepared during the mixing process. It is also the most commonly used raw material type.
Molding Method:
Divide the mixed raw material semi-finished products into equal parts according to the product structure, size, and weight (just like dividing the dough into small pieces in the preparatory work of bread), and then place the silicone semi-finished products in the molds that open and close one by one, and heat them. Finished product molding.

The above-mentioned molding method is called the compression/hot pressing molding process, which is the most common and mature manufacturing process in the market, and the production cost is also relatively cheap.

liquid silicone(LSR)

The appearance is highly transparent and liquid, and the raw materials do not need to be mixed. This is why liquid silicone rubber can keep the raw materials clean and free of impurities compared with solid silicone rubber (due to less impact from the external environment).
Molding Method:
Directly place the barreled A/B liquid silicone raw material on the liquid injection machine feeding place, and the automatic equipment will start accurate feeding according to the product specifications and conditions to complete the injection of the product.

The purpose of the liquid silicone injection process is to meet the requirements of high-precision products (such as strict burr control) or high-transparency appearance (such as medical-grade human contact products), etc., so the cost is relatively high, and the application is not as common as solid silicone molding.
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Common Applications of Silicone Rubber

Whether it is solid or liquid raw materials, silicone rubber has a considerable share in various fields and has become an indispensable raw material. Therefore, when the cost of international silicon raw materials rose sharply, countless industries were hit, which shows the impact of silicone raw materials. force.


Medical & Healthcare

 Consumer Goods

 Industrial Device

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4 Tips for Choosing A Silicone Molding Companies

Since silicone rubber parts are often only one of the components of the product in the supply chain, at the beginning of product design, the designer may not be proficient in the physical properties of silicone rubber. It is relatively uncontrollable, so most of the entrusted customers rely on the evaluation and advice of the silicone rubber factories to ensure that the product can be finally formed and can meet the operation requirements of the whole machine. At this time, it is very important to find a professional and careful silicone factory to check the whole process from development to production. It is not easy to select a good silicone factory that can cooperate for a long time. The following 4 core characteristics will help you find what you are looking for!

High reputable manufacturer

Reputable silicone rubber factories can often provide good product quality, responsible service attitude, product prices are more in line with market conditions, no malicious irrigation, no price cut competition, stable delivery, and other advantages, so as to have a certain reputation, and These advantages can bring quite substantial help to customers. Generally, such high-quality silicone factories rely on word-of-mouth or peer-to-peer referrals, and it is more difficult to search through unfamiliar markets. And this kind of unobtrusive core value is also difficult to see from the Internet or e-commerce platforms. It is necessary to actually cooperate and observe carefully in order to gain a deep understanding.

Professional and technical team

A professional and technical team should consider the background of the silicone factory. The official website is the best way to initially judge the supplier's physique. Although not all silicone factories will publish their own core technologies on the website, but from the company's fortune history Or the motivation and product content introduction and the value areas that the company focuses on can still be understood. Such silicone factories usually have rich and professional knowledge in the selection of silicone raw materials and processing steps, and even insist on them, and can propose the best process suggestions, which indirectly saves the cost and time of customer development.

Advanced and comprehensive equipment

If a worker wants to do a good job, he must first sharpen his tool. Where the silicone factory is willing to invest manpower and capital shows what the company cares about most. It can be imagined that old equipment or process technology that is not up to date will result in poor product quality, low production efficiency, and prolonged delivery time. Companies that do not care about these details often do not pay attention to technological innovation or may avoid challenges and thus indirectly reflect a relatively negative attitude towards cooperation. The more common active silicone factories are often keen to participate in equipment exhibitions or technical forums held by relevant industries to exchange the latest intelligence and market information, of course, including new production processes.

Rich practical experience

Having rich practical experience must be an important part of the silicone factory. After all, a product needs to be executed in an experienced silicone factory from mold design to production. Experienced engineers or teachers can avoid low-level mistakes to the greatest extent. Or solve the checkpoint problem in real-time, which greatly shortens the time required for the trial and error process, and also allows customers to avoid many wrong paths. Talent is definitely the most important asset of a company. Generally speaking, a company with a sound system, a good culture, and a proactive company also has the lowest turnover rate, so that employees can continuously accumulate relevant practical experience.


Based on the above, GSUN claims to be a model silicone factory with all four items. In addition to having more than 30 years of experience in contracting silicone products, it has also continuously introduced the latest equipment technology to expand its production capacity. , Process innovation exhibition, without demarcation and self-limitation, while pursuing stability for customers, we will always set more goals and challenges for ourselves. We are Glory Sun, your reliable silicone rubber factory partner.

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