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With the popularity of silicone foundry in Taiwan over the past ten years, silicone products have become inseparable from our lives. Because of the excellent heat resistance, water resistance, and chemical resistance of silicone rubber, it is widely used in various kitchenware and baking equipment; the good elasticity and ductility of silicone rubber also improve the life span of remote control buttons, automotive interior buttons and related accessories. Before choosing an silicone rubber manufacturers, it should be noted that there are so many options on the market from a small workshop to a big factory. How should customers evaluate the suitability of those silicone rubber foundries? Here are three key entry points to help you find the best silicone rubber manufacturers.
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How to choose silicone OEM manufacturer?

OEM quality

The first thing to look at when evaluating a silicone rubber manufacturers is the quality of the OEM capability. There are some differences in the molding method, mold design, and production equipment of different silicone products. How to choose an experienced silicone rubber manufacturers? Check out the following methods:

The most common method of silicone rubber molding

  • The most common solid silicone rubber is used for this procedure. Compression molding is to mix and soften the solid silicone rubber of the raw material, and then put the silicone raw material into the mold to heat up and pressurize it. The advantage is that the cost and processing environment conditions are low. Compression molding is also the most common process in silicone rubber production. It is suitable for the production of products with a simple design appearance and larger dimensional tolerance and can meet the needs of mass production of components in the manufacturing industry.
  • Liquid Injection MoldingUsing high-transparency, fluid-like liquid silicone rubber, inject the liquid silicone rubber into the closed mold, and heat it to solidify and form, the overall production process can maintain high cleanliness, high precision, and very little residual material, often used in production Precision optical products, and high-contact medical silicone products. Also because the silicone content, raw material cost, and development mold of injection molding are higher than those of compression molding, generally speaking, the production volume must be large enough to share the cost and reduce the unit price of the product. It is suitable for the automotive industry or the medical industry, etc., which have a large demand for precision components.
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Mold design experience

Mold design can be said to be a key step in the entire silicone rubber OEM service, including designing molds, processing and producing molds, making samples, and modifying molds. This is usually a technique-consuming process. High-quality molds are the predecessor of high-quality products. Designing molds not only requires huge engineering knowledge but also the creativity that comes from profound experience. Therefore, asking "the seniority of the experience of doing silicone rubber OEM" and "Do they own a professional mold design department?" "Does it have its own laboratory for high-precision dimensional testing?" These are good questions to check the quality of mold design.


Adequate production equipment

Whether it is a mixing machine for compound materials, a baking machine for post-curing materials, a hot-pressing machine and an injection machine for silicone rubber molding, a spraying cabinet for printing patterns, a pad printing machine, and a grinding machine for finishing products…, a finished product needs to be processed by a variety of equipment to complete, understanding the diversity and quantity of equipment can help you evaluate the capacity of silicone rubber manufacturers and production technology reference.

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Professional silicone molding team

With the relevant technology and equipment, if you want to know whether a silicone rubber manufacturers is professional or not, you must look at the operator of the technology and equipment. A silicone rubber manufacturers usually consists of a mold department that designs molds, an engineering department that tests molds, a production department that produces products, and a quality control department that checks the process. The more you inspect each link of the company, the less you will lose. Here we provide you with a simple way to judge whether the team is professional or not.



  • Seniority: The seniority of a silicone rubber manufacturers represents how long the company has lived in this market. The longer it lives, it means that it spans the challenges of various periods, has considerable flexibility, and is definitely superior in production expertise and efficiency. It is worth investigating.
  • Professional field: silicone rubber manufacturers can be applied in a wide range, and each field has its unique needs. In order to meet different fields, the professional knowledge and equipment possessed by silicone rubber manufacturers are also classified into different categories. They understand which industries they focus on developing, and can deduce the equipment or any uniqueness that the company may have, such as those involved in the automobile and electronics industries. Enterprises that are good at designing products with high dimensional accuracy are likely to have professional detectors; those involved in the food and medical industries show that their equipment may be equipped with clean rooms, and raw materials that pass environmental testing requirements can provide highly clean products.
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Questions from the production team are also clues for judging professionalism. At this time, you can refer to the company's official website or the common questions in the company's catalog to quickly clarify the advantages and capabilities of the production team. It is recommended to ask "How long does it take to make a mold?" Time?", "Can the product size and design be changed?", "What information should the customer provide?", confirming these questions are the key to saving a lot of time and money.

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OEM type

Compression molding and injection molding are the main methods of silicone molding, but based on these two foundations, the most suitable method for this type of product can be extended according to the nature of the product.



The material is placed under the cutting area of the machine to cut the desired shape, which is called die cutting. Die cutting is suitable for mass production of flat components, such as: silicone film for remote control, or sticky self-adhesive paper .

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Over-molding / multi-component injection

Whether it is over-molding by hot compression molding technology or embedded injection by liquid injection molding technology, these two production procedures are used to coat metal or other solid materials with silicone rubber, such as tableware and toothbrushes with silicone rubber handles, and other products. As long as the solid material is put into the mold, and the solid material of the inner core is covered by the silicone rubber by molding or injection, it can be combined into one. Two dissimilar materials can be joined together without going through an adhesive, which is better than adhesive. At the same time, it saves processes, reduces manual assembly procedures, and improves production efficiency.

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Shot Injection

The technique of combining two different liquid materials in the injection cavity and forming the shape is called double injection. If the semi-finished products are made of silicone rubber, double-material injection will be the best solution, such as earphone sleeves, gasket seals, etc. Double-material injection also has the same advantages as overmolding and embedded injection, which can bring high quality to the product. Strong binding and reduce subsequent assembly procedures.

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OEM Precautions

It should be noted that customers also need to know whether their silicone products need to go through multiple processes. Take a multi-color silicone button as an example, the button and the rubber panel are first cut out by punching, and then the two are combined into one through the overmolding process. If you need a product that needs to go through more than two construction methods, it is highly recommended to find a one-stop company like Glory Sun that involves a few industries and has complete construction methods. On the one hand, it can reduce the conflict in design, and on the other hand, it can also ensure the consistency of the finished product. You can evaluate the demand for the product to find a suitable silicone rubber manufacturers.

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Why Glory Sun?


LIM leading company

Liquid silicone rubber products have small burrs, less waste, and high yield. More importantly, they have high environmental protection that traditional silicone rubber can't match, and can meet the various needs of enterprises. We not only provide the most basic single-piece silicone injection molding, silicone parts, but also high-efficiency double-material injection molding, and even arrange the assembly of injection components. Not only technology, but also raw materials are the key to product quality. We cooperate with Japan's Shin-Etsu, American Dowsil, Germany's Wacker, etc., and cooperate with international silicone raw material manufacturers to provide raw materials with formal sources and clear physical properties for customers to choose suitable silicone raw materials.

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Multi-industry OEM

The understanding of the field of products produced by the enterprise indicates the familiarity of the manufacturer in the field and the fineness of the work. Glory Sun focuses on the automotive, medical and electronic equipment industries. These are industries with high tolerance requirements. In addition, we have obtained ISO13485 medical equipment quality certification, IATF16949 automotive industry quality certification, etc., indicating that we can provide high-quality products. In addition to quality certification, Glory Sun not only focuses on the domestic market, but is also a supplier of silicone rubber products for major international brands, and the quality is guaranteed.

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Profound production experience

We have been based in the conductive rubber and silicone rubber industry for more than 30 years. We started with traditional rubber mold manufacturing and now have our own laboratory. In addition to being familiar with the processing of traditional silicone rubber materials, we are also experts in liquid silicone materials. Glory Sun undertakes the production process. After the business department understands the needs, we have our own mold and engineering department to design the mold and control the cost. After the customer confirms that it is correct, it will be delivered to the production department to manufacture samples, and the quality control department will control the production. We are personally involved in each process, so we can answer customers' questions in these processes and provide comprehensive one-stop services. This is the biggest advantage of Glory Sun in silicone rubber OEM field.




Among the many silicone rubber manufacturers, no one would call themselves unprofessional, we recommend starting from asking:
  1. Is the foundry quality excellent?
  2. Is the silicone molding team professional?
  3. Whether the types of OEMs that can be provided are comprehensive
These three points can more objectively assess the professionalism of the silicone rubber manufacturers. Glory Sun has a good reputation in these three areas. Our equipment provides enough production capacity for mass production demanders, and 30 years of expertise can also meet a variety of small-scale customized needs, aiming to give you the best solution.

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