Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR)

LSR 2-Shot Injection

Reduce cost by minimizing the number of components in the customer's supply chain
Integrate multiple components into one fully-bonded product
The structure of the single component is stronger than an assembly of individual parts
Maximize the possibility for designing solutions
Provides lighter weight of components
Risks and costs associated with secondary assembly can be avoided.
Increases cleanliness and hygiene by eliminating dead angle and potential bacteria growth in the finished product


LSR 2-Shot Injection is commonly referred to as 2K, 2-shot, multi-component injection molding or co-injection. Unlike the LSR + multi-components assembly, the 2-shot is combining the multi-components inside of the injection mold and forming during the injection process.


Automotive — gasket seal, damper, and recharger housing. 
Health/medical — in terms of bacteria-resistant and extremely biocompatible, it is suitable for use in specialized surgical or medical applications.
Consumer goods — Any consumer product requiring airtight/watertight seals and gaskets can be a candidate for LSR two-shot molding. 
Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) has increasingly become the preferred material for over-molding or two-shot injection molding with thermoplastics. LSR’s offer numerous advantageous properties, including environmental resistance, electrical insulation, and biocompatibility. It can be used for waterproof airtight seals, resistance to shock and vibrations, and comfort for body contact applications.

The three primary injection molding processes used to produce multi-material LSR components are as follows. Each has its own advantages and is the best choice depending on the desired performance characteristics and environmental surroundings of the component:
  • Overmolding
  • Two-shot molding
  • Multi-shot molding
Possible material combinations:
  • silicone + silicone
  • thermoplastic + silicone
  • metal + silicone
  • glass + silicone
  • ceramic + silicone
GSUN is a leader in LSR two-shot and multi-shot injection molding. We offer LSR injection molded solutions, relying on our knowledge and experience, advanced technology, and molding expertise.