Conductive Silicone Strips: The Ideal Choice for Efficient Conductive Solutions


Zebra strip, also known as conductive silicone strip, is a stable product with conductive properties. Despite the emergence of other types of conductive materials in the market, zebra strip remains unparalleled due to its excellent conductivity and low cost, making it a preferred choice over other newcomers like Flexible Printed Circuits (FPC). Let's explore the reasons one by one:

Advantages of Conductive Silicone Strips

Zebra strip, also known as conductive silicone strip, excels in efficiently transmitting electrical currents or signals within electronic devices. This makes it an ideal choice in numerous industries, such as electronic product manufacturing, communication equipment, industrial automation, and more. The high conductivity of the zebra strip ensures reliable signal transmission and dependable performance.

In addition to its excellent conductivity, zebra strips can be combined with flexible silicone or foam silicone to mold it into various applications and configurations, offering remarkable elasticity and adjustability. This enables the strip to be bent and shaped according to the specific requirements of the device. Consequently, it can adapt to different shapes and sizes of Liquid Crystal Module (LCM) assemblies, whether on flat or curved surfaces. Installing and using the zebra strip is effortless in both scenarios. Here we highlight some remarkable advantages below: 

Excellent Conductivity

In modern electronic and electrical applications, conductivity is of paramount importance. That's why conductive silicone strips have become the ideal choice in various industries. Conductive silicone strips offer excellent conductivity, efficiently transmitting electrical currents and ensuring stable device performance. Moreover, they provide low resistance and outstanding electrical properties, delivering reliable conductive solutions for a wide range of applications.

Durability and Stability

Zebra strip, or conductive silicone strip, is capable of withstanding prolonged usage, temperature variations, humid environments, and other adverse conditions while maintaining excellent conductivity. This makes it well-suited for applications in various outdoor and industrial environments.

Flexible Shapes and Sizes

Conductive silicone strips offer tremendous flexibility in terms of shape and size. They can be manufactured in various shapes and sizes, catering to diverse application requirements. Whether it's complex electronic circuits or simple connection needs, conductive silicone strips provide the perfect solution. Additionally, they can be easily bent and deformed, enabling flexible use in applications that require bending and installation.

Easy Installation and Usage

Conductive silicone strips are straightforward and convenient to install and use. They can be easily adhered to various material surfaces, including metal, plastic, and glass. Simply affix the conductive silicone strips to the desired conductive areas, and they will establish rapid and reliable electrical connections. This not only saves installation time but also guarantees stable electrical conductivity.

High Heat Resistance and Chemical Corrosion Resistance

Stability and durability are crucial in high-temperature and harsh environments. Conductive silicone strips exhibit exceptional heat resistance, ensuring stable operation in elevated temperatures. Furthermore, they possess excellent resistance to chemical corrosion, safeguarding long-term stability and reliability during extended usage.

Applications of Conductive Silicone Strips

Electronics Manufacturing

Conductive silicone strips are widely used in the manufacturing of electronic products. They can be utilized for connecting electronic components, circuit boards, and wires, ensuring proper conductivity and electrical connections.

LED Lighting

Conductive silicone strips play a significant role in LED lighting applications. They can be employed as connectors between LED modules and chips, providing high-quality conductivity and ensuring stable operation of LED lighting systems.

Power Metering

Conductive silicone strips find extensive application in power metering manufacturing. They can connect various components in power meters, ensuring accurate electrical connections and enabling precise measurement and monitoring functions.

The Ideal Choice for Building Efficient Conductive Solutions

Conductive silicone strips, with their excellent conductivity and multiple advantages, have become an ideal choice for modern electronic and electrical applications. Their outstanding conductivity, flexible shapes and sizes, heat resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, and ease of installation and usage make them widely applicable in electronics manufacturing, LED lighting, power metering, and other fields. Conductive silicone strips will provide you with efficient conductive solutions, ensuring excellent performance and reliability for your products.


Q1: Can conductive silicone strips withstand high temperatures?

Yes, conductive silicone strips exhibit excellent heat resistance and can operate stably in high-temperature environments.

Q2: Are conductive silicone strips easy to install?

Yes, conductive silicone strips are very easy to install. Simply adhere them to the desired conductive areas.

Q3: In which application fields are conductive silicone strips suitable?

Conductive silicone strips are suitable for electronics manufacturing, LED lighting, power metering, and many other application fields.

Q4: Do conductive silicone strips have good flexibility?

Yes, conductive silicone strips possess excellent flexibility and can withstand bending and deformation.

Q5: Are conductive silicone strips resistant to chemical corrosion?

Yes, conductive silicone strips have excellent resistance to chemical corrosion and can withstand various chemical substances.

Q6: What to do if the conductive (zebra) silicone strip comes off?

Assuming there are no issues with aging or contamination of the conductive silicone strip, you can simply reassemble it back in its original position. The specific reassembly process will depend on the actual product structure.


These features make the conductive (zebra) silicone strip an ideal choice in various industries, as it can meet the demands of different application scenarios. When selecting a suitable conductive product, it is recommended that businesses consider specific application requirements and budgets. If cost-effectiveness, excellent conductivity, and shape flexibility are important factors, the conductive silicone strip is a better option. On the other hand, if visual appearance and limited assembly space are the primary concerns, HSC(HeatSeal Connector) might be more suitable. In practical applications, both options can be customized according to the specific needs of the business by GSUN, considering these factors comprehensively. As a comprehensive supplier of conductive silicone products, we can provide tailored solutions to meet your specific requirements. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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