June 02,2020
As COVID-19 spread escalates globally, Glory sun group is committed to the continuity of serving our customers and business partners, while at the same time ensuring the health and wellness of our employees. We have since put many precautionary measures into action aiming at protecting our employees and minimizing the impact on our customers. Through efforts, our manufacturing plant is currently operating on a normal schedule, and is currently operating at 100% capacity.
To help fight the COVID 19, we guarantee a continued good ability to deliver a wide range of silicone medical components to meet the urgent needs of our global customers, such as silicone zebra connector for thermometers, silicone gasket of SpO2 sensors for vital signs monitoring, and silicone secure devices for catheters securing which to help critical patients get more comfortable cares...etc..
As always, our teams remain available to answer specific questions that you may have, and we will do our utmost to relay timely information to you. Please feel free to contact us if any questions/ enquiries.
Stay healthy!
Glory Sun Group